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Common questions asked by users of this website

Q - Can I checkout without signing up for an account?
A - The simple answer is Yes!! Once you have added images to your cart, you are able to checkout as a Guest. Although you will still need to provide your address and contact details for the purchase, Guest accounts are deleted once the purchase has been processed.

Q - Why do I need to signup/register in order to use your website and purchase images?
A - The simple answer is You Don't!! Checking out as a Guest is the simplest option. Signing up for an account entitles the account holder to recieve regular newsletters and offers related to images and collections. Also by signing up its enables a lightbox feature for more detailed purchases.

Q - What is a 'lightbox'?
A  - A lightbox is essentially a place where you can save the images you are interested in and later go back to decide if you want purchase them. You could think of your lightbox as your shopping cart, although the lightbox will help you purchase images using a more detailed approach. Sign up and try it!!

Q - Do you hold an FA CRB to photograph U18's/Juniors?
A - Whilst I hold a CRB for something else that isn't related to photography, an actual CRB to take pictures isn't required. A CRB is only required should I be or maybe in contact with the players. Organisations offer guidance on this matter and in particular the FA have documentation here.

Q - What are your policies on U18/Junior photography?
A - Whilst AGBPhoto adheres to the FA guidelines, we also have included some of our own. Please see below.

Q - How can I have an image of my child removed from your website?
A - Please email with the gallery name and image number you would like removing. Please include your name and a brief description of why the image should be removed. I will aim to remove within 24 hours of email reciept and once you have been verified. AGBPhoto will not remove a whole gallery.

Q - Im interested in Photography, can I ask you some questions about it?
A - Of course! Im approachable via email and in person should you meet me at an event. Happy to offer any personal experience in regards to your question.

Q - How can I book you for an event?
A - Easy! email me, ring me, talk to me. Communication is that simple. I feel I offer competitive prices for event coverage and hope the galleries uploaded prove hiring me to shoot your event will be a great result.